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Ride evenly and smoothly on the road with ceramic dynamic tire balancing beads from E-Z Tire Beads. These are the highest-quality beads made from the best materials available.

E-Z Tire Beads also sells bead balancing kits for home or business use. Everything you need to balance your tires is included! Applicators, refills, and other accessories are also available.

E-Z Tire Beads is your source for premium-quality ceramic tire balancing beads that can be used for motorcycle, truck, motor home, 4x4, ATV/UTV tires and more!. We are proudly based in the U.S.A. All of our products are packaged at our facility in Southern California. E-Z Tire Beads are made from a proprietary ceramic compound that is superior to other products on the market today. Our beads are exceptionally round, consistent and ideal in size. This provides for the smoothest ride as well drastically increasing the life of your tires. We sell individual tire bead refill bags, complete tire bead kits and related accessories at fair prices backed by our knowledgeable customer service.

After spending several years mounting tires on custom billet wheels at a company catering primarily to high end Harley-Davidson and Custom Chopper owners, we became used to dealing with some of the most meticulous customers on the planet. Lead or steel external weights were unacceptable when putting together a $70,000 show bike. Internal balancing beads were the solution. Having no stuck on weights is not only much more pleasing to the eye, but also provides better tire life, and they wont fall off at the worst possible time.

Check our sizing chart to match your tire to the right amount of beads. We have fast shipping available, so be sure to place your order today!


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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(844) 850-5409

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday, Closed

Service Area

Ceramic bead balancing kits vehicles equipped with large, aggressive tires, such as 4x4's and Off-Road vehicles. Note: Different Brands and the Ply Rating can affect the required amount of beads on oversize tires. Please contact us if you need any help on choosing a kit.


Four Tire Ceramic Bead Kits for Light Trucks With Highway Tread 4-6 ply Tires.

Duallly ceramic balancing bead kits for your six tire truck. Kits include bags of beads, applicator kit and instructions for your truck with dual wheels on the rear axle

Our Motorcycle balancing kits include ceramic beads for front and rear tires, along with an applicator kit and instructions.

Ceramic tire balancing bead kits for scooters

Other items you may need to finish your tire balancing project. Filtered valve cores, Applicator Kit, Chrome valve caps, etc.

For shops that mount tires we have put together bulk kits that will save you time and money.

Our most complete kits yet. They include premium ceramic beads, applicator kit, filtered valve cores and valve caps all for one low price.

A Better Choice

Internal balancing beads optimize tire mileage by continuously balancing your tires as you drive or ride. The beads distribute themselves in weight and position based on the balance requirements of a particular tire. This gives you a smooth, vibration-free ride, while improving tire life by re-positioning as the tire wears. For virtually any vehicle, ceramic beads are the best way to get rid of vibration and tire cupping problems. E-Z Tire Beads also dramatically extend tire life, preventing cupping. This eliminates the need for unsightly spoke or wheel weights that can fall off.

Ready to Install

It's so simple to install balancing beads! The high-density ceramic beads are easily installed, either during the tire mounting process or using the valve-stem application method, supplied by E-Z Tire Beads. Ask about our sizing chart to match your tire to the right beads.

Instructions for Applicator Use

Remove the cap from the Applicator Bottle and cut the cap tip near the middle scored line to allow easier beads flow. Pour in E-Z Tire Beads or other balancing beads (sold separately). Use the valve core removal tool to remove the core from the tire valve. Attach the Applicator Tube to the tire valve. Carefully attach the bottle to the tube. Start pour in the beads slowly, not all at once Tap the valve core occasionally to help them find their way into the stem. Once all the beads are in, make sure the valve core is not clogged and is clear of any beads. Re-install the valve core and you are all set! The beads will do the rest!

Refill Only

If you already have an applicator or are inserting the beads during tire installation, you won't need a kit. Refill tire beads great for tire shops, motorcycle shops, or anyone taking their tires to a mechanic, along with anyone with custom wheels. Sizes include:

• 1-Ounce Bags - $7.95
• 2-Ounce Bags - $9.95
• 3-Ounce Bags - $10.95, 
• 4-Ounce Bags - $12.95
• 5-Ounce Bags - $14.49
• 8-Ounce Bags - $18.49
• 10-Ounce Bags - $22.49

Applicator Kit

Install our premium internal tire ceramic balancing beads with this kit, which includes a valve core removal tool, a bead applicator bottle, and an applicator tube. The package also has easy, step-by-step installation instructions with images. It works on most types of balancing micro-spheres including ceramic, glass and stainless steel. Normally priced at $9.99, it is currently priced at $7.95.

Basic Kit

Don't use to a machine to remove your tires! Constantly balancing beads are a better method. Our basic kit includes beads, an installation applicator bottle, tube, and a valve core removal tool. Deluxe kits include all that plus a filtered valve core and chrome valve caps. The filtered valve cores ensure that balancing beads not get stuck in the valve core during inflation or deflation of tire. They are recommended for use in any tire utilizing ceramic, glass, stainless steel or other type of balancing bead. Please be sure you have stems that accept at least 1 1/2" core before any bend. Each four-bag kit for vehicles comes in the following sizes:

• 3-Ounce Bags - $29.95
• 4-Ounce Bags - $33.95
• 5-Ounce Bags - $36.95
• 6-Ounce Bags - $38.95

• 8-Ounce Bags - $47.95
• 10-Ounce Bags - $53.95
• 12-Ounce Bags - $66.95