Can E-Z Tire Beads be used with inner tubes? Yes, they can be inserted through the valve stem into inner tubes and will work. However, some extra patience may be required due to the fact that the holes on tubes are less consistant in size and that can slow the pouring of the beads.

Can E-Z Tire Beads be used in passenger cars? Usually not as a primary balancing method. Most modern cars have tires with a low aspect ratio (low profile, 60 series and lower) and dynamic bead balancing is not very effective in this case. You can add beads to a traditional balanced low profile tire to help the tires' balance remain as wear occurs which will improve the life of the tire and delay the need for maintenance.

Can E-Z Tire Beads be used in vehicles with TPMS? Yes, though the valve stem install method cannot be used in this case. They can be added during installation or you can break the bead and add them in.

Can E-Z Tire Beads be re-used? Yes, they can be scooped out of your old tire and re-used. They come out of a tire looking pretty much the same way as they came in.

Can Filtered Valve Cores be used on Motorcycles? In some cases yes. They do require 1 1/4" clearance from making any contact so on certain low profile tires and in the case of 90° valve stems you cannot use them.

Can E-Z Tire Beads be used on Motorcycles with wheel/rim locks? Yes, you will need to add an additional ounce to what the chart calls for on your tire size.

Can you put in too much? Yes, you can. The amount needed for a particular tire is very important. Consult our tire charts to see how much to use for your situation. If you get too much material in the tire, then it may not be able to concentrate it's weight into a small enough area to resolve an imbalance issue.

Can you use E-Z Tire Beads in conjunction with any liquid tire sealant or balancing liquid No, you cannot. The beads will not be able to move about within the tire.

How can I measure out E-Z Tire Beads without a scale? A weight scale is always going to be the most accurate way to measure our beads but if you have a tablespoon in the kitchen, one level tablespoon is about 1.15 ounces, a quarter-cup leveled off is about 4.6 ounces.