Premium Ceramic Dynamic Balancing Beads

Wheel weights are now obsolete, so there is a better solution for motorcycles, ATV's, autos, trucks, commercial vehicles, and trailers: internal balancing beads. E-Z Tire Beads in Los Angeles, California, is your source for dynamic balancing beads. Durable, re-usable, and environmentally friendly, these ceramic beads provide a glass-smooth ride all the time by dynamically re balancing tire during every ride. We have various kits and accessories to meet your needs, contact us to



Installation Instructions

Step 1

Remove the valve core from the tire.

Step 2

Open the bag or cut a corner of the bag and pour the beads into the Applicator bottle.

Step 3

Screw the plastic tube down onto the valve stem.


Step 4

Attach the tube to the end of the applicator bottle.

Step 5

 Gently pour the beads into the valve stem

Step 6

If you pour fast and they get stuck, tap on the valve stem with your finger. A vibrating tool applied to the side of the valve stem may also be helpful

Re-Install the valve core. That's all there is to it! Start driving and the beads will do the rest!